Traffic stop becomes act of holiday kindness in Hendricks County

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – A central Indiana woman is thanking a member of the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office for turning a recent traffic stop into an act of holiday kindness for her and her young daughter.

Megan Nierman, who manages the salon in the Ulta Beauty store in the Shoppes at Perry Crossing, says she is raising her 2-year-old daughter without child support because her ex-husband lives in another country.

A couple weeks ago, Nierman says she was pulled over for speeding near the intersection of Avon Avenue and County Road 150 South. In addition to speeding, Nierman admitted to the officer that her license plate was expired.

“I didn’t have the money to pay for them at the time,” she told the officer.

Sergeant Evan Love with the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office says hearing Nierman explain her situation touched him.

“Just from talking to her, I could tell she had a ton of stuff on her plate,” Love said. “I felt bad writing her the ticket in the first place, so I tried to help her out.”

Sgt. Love wrote Nierman a speeding ticket, but made her a deal. He told her if she could take care of the expired plate within a week, he would tear up the speeding ticket.

Nierman was able to take care of her expired plate within that time period and Sgt. Love made good on his promise to get rid of the speeding ticket.

Already thankful to Sgt. Love for his kindness, Nierman says she thought the whole thing was over at that point. But Sgt. Love says immediately after the traffic stop, he began making calls to members of his family.

“I got ahold of my parents and my sisters and we all chipped in to do this for her,” Love said. “Not a huge big deal, but I just wanted something to help her out and make the holidays a little bit easier on her.”

This past weekend, Love, along with his wife and two children surprised Nierman at work. They told her they wanted to offer her something to help her through the holidays. After exchanging hugs, they left her a Christmas card with something extra inside.

“I went out to my car and opened it in private, and there was a Target gift card for $300 in it,” Nierman said.

Nierman says the unexpected act of generosity left her tearful.

“It was really touching for me,” she said. “They went out of their way. And to deliver it at work and surprise me like that, it was cool.”

“Just wanted to see if I could do something to help her out,” Love said. “Especially with Christmas coming up.”

“It means I can take care of my daughter’s Christmas,” Nierman said. “It means a lot, it means everything.”

Love credits his upbringing for the idea to help Nierman.

“The little things that you can do for people mean the most,” Love said. “So just throughout your day, if you can be kind to somebody, help somebody out, encourage people to do that.”

“I want to tell him thank you for everything he did for me, from the bottom of my heart,” Nierman said.

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