Longtime Marion mechanic closes doors, pursues second career in ministry

MARION, Ind. -- Snider's Service Center has been a staple in the Marion community for decades. On Friday, the longtime owner of Snider's will be closing its doors for good.

Since he was a teenager, Brian Snider has spent most of his time underneath the hood of a car, but now the longtime mechanic wants to leave the auto service industry in pursuit of a higher calling in ministry.

“There’s something new for me now that’s no longer here, because I’ve been more than a minister in this place than a mechanic,” he said.

Snider says for years now he’s been pulling double duty as mechanic and minister, often counseling those who come into his shop. Now he’ll be pursuing ministry full time.

“I don’t have a solution for anybody. But I know who the solution is. And all I can do is introduce them,” Snider said.

 Those who know Snider say the move is not surprising.

“He’s going to be missed around here, real big. Because right now we just don’t have anybody round here that wants to take the time and minister the way he does,” said Tom Neeley.

"I think his legacy is going to be the amount of people he’s touched for the lord,” said Deb Bozell.

Snider says he’s not quite sure where or how his full-time ministry will take shape but added that he knows he’s being called to a higher purpose--a higher purpose that requires a leap of faith.

“When I first started, I wanted to be a man that ran a successful business, made good money, treated the community good. Now I want to be known a man that really loved the lord,” Snider said.

Snider’s shop officially closes on Friday.

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