Getting colder with flurries in the forecast

Lots going on in the days to come!  Our emoji face has chattering teeth on Saturday because of how cold it will be.  That's Vet Fest, so bundle up and come out there with us!  Your CBS4 News team will be participating!

Thursday will be chilly for the season with highs in the mid 40s.  Sunshine and clouds will filter back and forth with sunshine dominating the afternoon followed by increasing clouds by sunset.  Also, Thursday isn't nearly as windy as the last couple of days have been.

Notice the push of clouds.

Wet weather moves in early Friday morning.  This will be a mix of both rain and snow.  We'll see more rain toward Brown County while Marion and Hamilton counties will see more snowflakes.  This will be a minor event.  The main concern will be wet roads for the Friday morning commute.  The snow should melt on contact with the pavement while we could see a tenth or two tenths of an inch accumulate briefly on grassy areas Indianapolis and north.

Saturday is Vet Fest and it will be cold!  Look for morning lows down to 24 with a few flurries possible.  Veterans Day is Sunday and that'll still be below average.  Next push for snow comes Monday/Tuesday.  Current model runs show accumulating snow to our east, but as that is still a few days away, we will be watching the system very closely.

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