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‘Let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee’: Best friends make statement with business logo

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Two business owners in Hendricks County are making a statement with their new coffee shop. That’s as they’ve used their own picture for their logo. Now, these two best friends are brewing up an important conversation about race.

“We’re best friends but when you come in here you’re now our best friend,” said Owner Chico Mbanu.

Bob Goodpaster and Chico Mbanu are best friends and the owners of Best Friends Coffee and Bagels. Their friendship dates back to the 90’s during their college years at Purdue University.

“We thought us coming out as best friends, black guy and a white guy, best friends, with today’s events,” Goodpaster said.

This shop is a dream come true for the duo. But, their other dream is to spread the message of racial acceptance in their community.

“It seems like a lot of press is negative with race relations and everything and we felt like, let’s put our arm around each other and show America ‘this is alright,'” said Goodpaster.

Best Friends Coffee and Bagels opened up in July. Since then, the shop and their logo has started important conversations in the Brownsburg community.

“We’re going to take this message and try to help Brownsburg grow, try to help Hendricks County grow and anything we can do to help this problem with division in our society,” said Goodpaster.

Customers, local churches and organizations are catching on to their message that inclusion is the perfect paring with a cup of coffee and a bagel.

“I’m one of those guys, where I want to have those conversations. I always feel like even if we are different, I bet we have more similarities,” said Mbanu, “Let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee.”

If you would like to learn more about Best Friends Coffee and Bagels, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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