Family says stranger saved loved one following freak car accident in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local family says it needs to thank an angel who saved their loved one. Family members say a complete stranger saved Jimmie Foster after what they called a freak car accident.

According to family, Foster, 35, was driving Saturday night around 5 o’clock. He was about to get onto I-65, heading south, at the 29th and 30th streets entrance ramp. That’s where a driveshaft from what is suspected to be from a trolley car shot out, headed at Foster’s windshield.

“Another vehicle had struck it and sent it up and into his windshield,” said Foster’s long-time girlfriend, Candy Walker. “That’s where it caused all the damage.”

The cylinder not only broke off a piece of Foster’s steering wheel, but it also knocked him out. His foot was still pressed to the accelerator.

Thankfully for Foster and his family, another driver could tell Foster was hurt, drove in front of him and used his truck to bring Foster’s SUV to a stop before fully on the busy interstate.

Others ended up helping, but before police and medics arrived, the rescuer was gone. All the family knows is what other witnesses told police – that it was a guy in a pick-up truck.

“I don’t know anything about him, but I would like to get to know something about him,” said Paula Calancagal, Foster’s mother. “You don’t meet people like this every day. Some people would have just drove past.”

Foster was rushed to IU Methodist Hospital, not more than a dozen blocks away from the scene. He remained in critical condition Thursday with several broken bones, most of them to his face and arm.

“He has his ups and his downs,” said Walker. “He’s restless, but he’s getting better by the day.”

The family said Foster hasn’t been able to speak but has cracked a smile and has been trying to give a “thumbs up.” They said if it wasn’t for the stranger, Foster wouldn’t have a chance to recover.

“He’s just an angel,” Walker said about the man she and the rest of the family hope to meet someday soon.

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