Most popular Halloween costumes in each state

Graphic courtesy of All Home Connections

Halloween is here and people across the country are dressing up to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.

From superheroes, pop culture figures and mythical creatures, there are a few costumes you may see more than others.

To save you from running into someone with the same getup, All Home Connections compiled a list of the most popular costumes in each state by checking current Google trends.

If you’re trick-or-treating in the Hoosier State, the website says you’re most likely to see people dressed as Mickey Mouse than anything else. The same can be said in Alabama, Arkansas and Illinois.

Below is All Home Connections’ full list of the most popular costumes in each state this year:

  • Alabama: Mickey Mouse
  • Alaska: Pennywise
  • Arizona: Deadpool
  • Arkansas: Mickey Mouse
  • California: Unicorn
  • Colorado: Star Wars
  • Connecticut: Catwoman
  • Delaware: Poison Ivy
  • District of Columbia: Stranger Things
  • Florida: Baywatch
  • Georgia Storm: Trooper
  • Hawaii: Moana
  • Idaho: Deadpool
  • Illinois Mickey Mouse
  • Indiana: Mickey Mouse
  • Iowa: Superman
  • Kansas: Wolverine
  • Kentucky: Superhero
  • Louisiana: Princess
  • Maine: Angel
  • Maryland: Deadpool
  • Massachusetts: Storm Trooper
  • Michigan: Wolverine
  • Minnesota: Pumpkin
  • Mississippi: Cheerleader
  • Missouri: Pumpkin
  • Montana: Unicorn
  • Nebraska: Pumpkin
  • Nevada: Catwoman
  • New Hampshire: Ninja
  • New Jersey: TMNT
  • New Mexico: Harley Quinn
  • New York Storm: Trooper
  • North Carolina: Wolverine
  • North Dakota: Wonder Woman
  • Ohio: Tinker Bell
  • Oklahoma: Angel
  • Oregon: Catwoman
  • Pennsylvania: Angel
  • Rhode Island: Batgirl
  • South Carolina: Power Rangers
  • South Dakota: Mad Hatter
  • Tennessee: Catwoman
  • Texas: Power Rangers
  • Utah Darth: Vader
  • Vermont: Unicorn
  • Virginia: 1980’s
  • Washington: T-Rex
  • West Virginia: Joker
  • Wisconsin: T-Rex
  • Wyoming: Little Red Riding Hood

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