‘They really are life saving at this point’: IACS shelter at capacity and in desperate need of people to adopt

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Animal Care Services is reaching dangerous capacities. They need people to adopt now, or they may have to make a difficult decision for some of the animals.

Workers are doing all they can to keep these animals from being put down, but time and space are running out.

“As an open admission shelter, we have to take any animal that comes to our door," IACS Kennel Manager Laura Keith said. “We are unable to control how many animals are coming to our shelter, so it’s very difficult to get ahead.”

The shelter has spent countless hours trying to distance themselves from a kill shelter reputation, and at times, they work late to give these animals care.  They are averaging 30-50 pets dropped off at the shelter each day.

“Our intake door opens at 10 a.m., and there is a line of people waiting to come in, and that door is revolving," Keith said. “We need the public's help to save lives—to come in and do these lifesaving adoptions. They really are lifesaving at this point.”

IACS said they are working toward a solution, but they remained tight-lipped on their plans. They responded with, "I don't think we can say."  They said something is on the horizon and management is working with experts and other shelters to formulate the plan. They hinted that part of that plan could involve integrating drop off appointments to slow the rate and help people find ways to keep their pets.

The shelter is open every day except Wednesday. They are desperately close to having to make more difficult decisions on some of these animals.  If you are thinking of adopting an animal, now is the time.  For more information head to their website.

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