Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis to hold $40K gun buyback program

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- The Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis has designated November 2-4 as "Indy Cease Fire Weekend" to be highlighted by a $40,000 gun buyback program at the Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Service Center in South Butler Tarkington.

The weekend, which will include a jobs fair initiative and calls for peace from the pulpit on that Sunday, will fall just before Election Day as Indianapolis enters the final two months of 2018 and the city is on track to set another annual record for homicide and murder.

Rev. David Greene Sr. said the money for the buyback was raised from several sources including local congregations, Mothers Against Violence and the Public Safety Foundation.

As of Monday morning, 117 of Indianapolis’ 139 homicides this year have been committed with a firearm, with more than a dozen victims under the age of 20.

Police statistics indicate through the end of August, IMPD responded to 642 stolen, recovered or found gun reports of which at least 242 involved thefts or recoveries from vehicles.

Greene said today’s announcement of the initial buyback will set the tone for a similar campaign through 2019 that could expand the compensation for turning in a firearm to electronics or services that would encourage young people to participate.

Organizers expect mothers to be a driving force to convincing their households to surrender firearms during the buyback.

“It do start with the moms because there’s a lot of single mothers even their children are being incarcerated,” said Donita Royal, founder of Mothers Against Violence.

“I’m surprised at the moms who know that their children have weapons and illegal things,” said Debera Larkins Greene. “I’m surprised but I can’t judge them.”

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