100-year-old woman wants sinkhole fixed

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A 100-year-old Indianapolis woman is asking for help after she says the city won’t come out to fix a sinkhole that’s opened up in her yard on W. Melrose Ave.

“I just can’t stand my yard to be all messed up,” said Edna Norman, who has lived in her house since 1957.

But for the past month, things have gone from bad to worse in her front yard, after a sinkhole opened up and continues to grow.

“I thought maybe something had worked under the ground, like a mole or something, you know?” said Norman. “Then, it just kept getting bigger and my rose bush started falling in.”

She worries what might happen if somebody doesn’t fix this hole soon.

“It has really aggravated me because I’m afraid some kid or animal or something will fall in there,” said Norman. Her grandson Rick Spencer said they called Citizen’s Energy on Sept. 11 the day they first noticed the hole.

“We thought maybe it was a water leak, they [Citizen’s Energy] determined it wasn’t a water leak, and they marked off the street and marked off the side of the house,” said Spence

Citizen’s Energy confirms they inspected the hole and passed the issue off to the Department of Public Works on Sept. 12.

“They [DPW] then sent a person out and they put the barricades and stuff up and said they’d be back the next day to take care of it,” said Spencer.

But Spencer says that’s the last they heard from DPW.

“This feels like you’re in a system where you call, and they don’t care,” said Spencer.

DPW said it is still trying to figure out whether the hole is on the public right of way. The agency said initial assessments show it is, but the fence that was here complicates the issue.

They hope to have a final determination by the end of this week.

In the meantime, Norman continues to wait.

“We got high taxes here, we pay big taxes here,” said Norman. “Why don’t people try to help us like we help them?”

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