IMPD releases new details over 2 officer-involved shootings within 12 hours

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – In less than 12 hours, IMPD officers were involved in two different police-action shootings on the city’s east side.

The search continues for two men who police say shot at their officers near 30th and Post.

At the same time, police are releasing new information on the suspect involved in the first shooting near 16th and Mitthoeffer.

Fortunately, no police officers were injured in either shooting and the suspect in the first case is expected to survive, but police and their families say the pair of cases illustrates the dangers police face every day on the job.

Six minutes after pulling over a gray Chevy on a traffic stop near 16th and Mitthoeffer, an officer called out shots fired. Police say the passenger had a weapon on him and began to wrestle with officers over that gun before being shot.

Less than 12 hours later, police were called to a disturbance at 30th and Post and found two men who ignored their commands to stop.

That's when police say shots were exchanged between one of the suspects and one of the officers, although no one got hit.

“When an officer is on duty it's almost like they are a target just as soon as they walk outside with that uniform on,” said Molly Winters with Indiana Concerns of Police Survivors.

Molly Winters says every time police are involved in a shooting it hits close to home because her husband Gregg was shot in the line of duty in Muncie in December 1990 and died a few days later.

“It takes you right back to the moment when you were notified your loved one was shot,” said Winters.

Following the shooting at 30th and Post, police searched for the pair of suspects for hours but no arrests were made.

The suspect involved in the shooting at 16th and Mitthoeffer has been identified as Truville Christian. Back in April, police pulled over Christian near 34th and Shadeland and according to court records police found drugs inside Christian's car.

The 24-year-old had an active warrant for his arrest in that case when witnesses say he told police he wasn't going back to jail and ended up being shot and wounded.

“It highlights the dangers that our officers face and the violence that is occurring in our neighborhoods,” said FOP president Rick Snyder.

“Every time an officer goes on a call it's a dangerous. You never know what kind of incident they're coming upon,” said Winters.

In addition to the charges he already faces from his previous arrest, Christian could also face new gun and drug related charges as well as resisting law enforcement.

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