Kitten abandoned in bag of trash rescued by Monroe County sheriff’s deputy

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. – An abandoned kitten has another shot at life thanks to a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy.

The sheriff’s office says Deputy Bennett Dillon found the little Lennie thrown away in a bag of trash while patrolling Leonard Springs Nature Preserve last week. The kitten was reportedly covered in feces and barely breathing, with blood in its eyes and ears.

Authorities say Deputy Dillon removed the kitten from the trash bag, wrapped it in a blanket and transported it to an emergency veterinarian.

After an evaluation, the vet said the cat had parasites, extremely low body temperature due to exposure, fleas, and a broken leg. Lennie received emergency care, including antibiotics, fluids, a blood transfusion, and a cast/splint, but Deputy Dillon was informed that the kitten might not make it.

Luckily, the sheriff’s office says the kitten’s health improved and she’s doing great. Now, she’s being fostered by another deputy during her recovery.

“Special thanks to the Bloomington Animal Shelter and the Monroe County Humane Association for the help both financially and in caring for Lennie in her time of need,” said the sheriff’s office. “Great job to all involved, everyone’s proud of you all.”

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