Columbus dad finds mold in Capri Sun pouch, warns other parents to check drinks

Photo credit Cameron Hardwick

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A Columbus dad has a warning for other parents after he found more than juice in a Capri Sun pouch.

Cameron Hardwick was getting ready to give his 3-year-old a Capri Sun when he thought something felt weird in the pouch.

He decided to record himself opening the drink to see what was inside, and that’s when he found mold.

Hardwick called, Kraft, the manufacturer. He says they identified the substance as mold caused by a micro puncture. Kraft says a microscopic hole can create the problem, and that’s why they created clear bottom pouches.

The company advises consumers to check the product before drinking it.

Hardwick posted the video on Facebook of the mold in the Capri Sun in hopes of bringing awareness to this problem that can sometimes occur and warn parents to check their kids’ drinks.

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