Winter Storm Warning from 4 a.m. Saturday – 4 a.m. Sunday

Heavy rain moving through Indy but cooler and dry afternoon ahead

Cold front is sliding through Indiana Thursday morning and that's sparking off some storms for the AM commute.  The heaviest of the rain will be done in Indy by 7am but that line continues through Columbus through at least 8 or 9am.  Additional rainfall is possible throughout the morning but the heaviest will have fallen by 9am.  Rain will begin to really wrap up around lunchtime and though clouds will hang around for a good portion of the afternoon I think we'll get some sunshine in before the day is over. This same storm system brought multiple funnel cloud, strong wind, and hail reports to Wisconsin.  Multiple other wind reports were also in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas with some as high as 60mph.

Rain totals in Central Indiana stay low, mainly below a half inch.  Once we get through the rain our temperatures will be the most noticeable part of the afternoon with nearly a 20 degree drop from where they were Wednesday afternoon. The Colts are in Boston Thursday night where storms also threaten their game.  The stadium does not have a roof so storms will be a problem.  

Another round of scattered storms for Friday morning's commute.  Early birds out of the house by 7am should beat the rain; especially those east of Indy.Thursday's high of 76 already happened early in the morning so really plan for 60s.  Friday will stay in the 70s which is still above average.  Summer returns fully on the weekend!

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