Indy yoga instructor opening new studio to promote diversity in the community

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local yogi is taking her practice to the next level. She’s opening a yoga studio to bring the practice to a more diverse neighborhood.

Tucked away in Indy’s midtown area was the perfect hidden treasure for Charlie Redd to transform into Haven Yoga Studio. It’s a labor of love that will soon be one of the only yoga studios on that side of town.

“In marginalized communities a lot of times if there’s someone that doesn’t look like us or we don’t perceive to be like us, we don’t feel safe in that place because historically it’s not a place that we can go,” owner Charlie Redd said.

Charlie says she wanted people in midtown near 42nd and Boulevard to know yoga and the health benefits that come along with it is available to them as well. She says the spot in the middle of a diverse neighborhood and off the bus line was perfect for her vision.

“It was really important for me to be in a neighborhood and in a place that is accessible to folks of color. It accessible for all types of people that don’t have the monies to live downtown or in Carmel,” Charlie said.

Charlie is totally renovating what used to be a Nigerian grocery store. At just 29 years old, the 9-year yogi is taking on a mission to bring healing and hope to her community.

“A lot of the community classes that are focused on marginalized communities are really temporary. They happen once and it’s awesome and then nobody has anything to do next,” Charlie said.

She describes this venture as exciting and terrifying but she’s ready for the challenge.

“But it’s like I’m birthing a thing. You know I’m putting a lot of effort and time and money and all of my resources into making this happen so I couldn’t be more excited about seeing how things turn out.”

Charlie hopes to open the studio by the end of October. She’s looking to collaborate with local businesses and is looking to raise money so people won’t have to bring their own equipment. For more information, click here.

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