Homeowner captures video of recycling trucks going wrong way down one-way street

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indianapolis resident sick of trying to get a recycling truck company to stop driving the wrong way down his one-way street said he felt he had no choice but to make videos of the incidents public.

Charles Coslett captured the videos on his home security system and said he tried for months to get Republic Services to stop the practice, and reached out to multiple state and local agencies for help.

“It’s been very frustrating, because I feel like nobody’s listening. Nobody cares,” Coslett said.

In the videos, you see a Republic Services driver going the wrong way down Coslett’s street, which is clearly marked with one-way and do not enter signs. In one video, the truck appears to come close to hitting a driver who is going the correct way down the street.

Coslett said that in previous conversations with the company, employees had indicated the driver was going the wrong way because neighbors were putting their recycling bins on the incorrect side of the street. They stopped for about a month, but recently Coslett recorded videos of it happening again.

Coslett said he didn’t see an excuse for breaking the law on a residential street.

“Just like when I’m on the street, I have to follow the traffic laws or I get in trouble, I just want them to follow the laws so that they can make everybody safe,” Coslett said.

In an email in July, Coslett expressed his frustration to the company, saying he felt he had run out of options and would contact the media.

After CBS4 Problem Solvers sent the videos to a Republic Services media team, a spokesperson sent this response:

“Per previous discussions with Mr. Coslett, Republic Services had asked all of the customers in this area to move their containers to the alley. It seems a customer started putting their container back at the curb instead of the alley, so a driver went back to the street to service. We have discussed this issue with our team and will continue to service our customers with safety and reliability as our first priority.”

A city spokesperson confirmed via email that “…recycling trucks cannot legally go the wrong way down a one way street — they must follow street directions like any other moving vehicle.”

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