Termination of IMPD officer pending after 12-year sentence for domestic violence charges


Daniel Bullman was sentenced on Sept. 27, 2018. Prosecutors say he will serve 7 to 12 years and be on probation for 4 years afterwards.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An IMPD officer is facing termination after being sentenced to several years in prison in connection with domestic violence against his wife.

Prosecutors say Daniel Bullman, who has already been suspended indefinitely, will serve 7 to 12 years in prison and then be on probation for 4 years.

Last month, Bullman was found guilty on several counts, including domestic battery, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm and intimidation.

The conviction was the result of his arrest in May 2016 following an investigation into allegations of domestic abuse between his estranged wife, dating back to January 2013.

Multiple reports show during several instances of abuse, he punched and kicked his wife. His wife said at one point during an argument, he held his IMPD duty handgun to her head. In some cases, he would urge her to fight back and made her “bark like like a dog.”

His wife told police he started becoming physical with her during arguments after the birth of their second child. She said they separated after he hit her in front of the children in 2013. Documents show during an incident, he held his handgun to his child’s head and said, “You know I could end (the child) right now.”

Bullman agreed to counseling and the two got back together in March 2014 after she said she saw “positive changes.”

He was reported to be in another relationship with a female in IMPD’s Explorer Program, which resulted in the female’s suicide. According to the IndyStar, Bullman sent the woman 16 Snapchat messages on the day of her death. He also was the leader of the program.

Authorities believe another officer made a call to Bullman using the woman’s phone after her body was found. It was allegedly locked and took investigators over a year and a half to unlock it once technology advanced.

Bullman did not face charges like the other IMPD officer, but his wife said he became more erratic and delusional after that.  She filed for divorce in January 2016 and on May 10, 2016 she filed and was granted a protective order against Bullman.

The day prior, court documents show the following text message was sent to her:

“Right now, I’m only interested in going to (an IMPD officer) and (another IMPD officer) and putting a bullet in their heads. I’m furious. This Dept failed…..this city needs more dead cops.”

Bullman’s wife told police she didn’t report the abuse previously because she says Bullman told her, “Even if you tell somebody, they’re not going to believe you. I’m the police.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you can call the domestic violence abuse hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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