Photographer captures families, law enforcement officials impacted by gun violence

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A photographer is telling the stories of gun violence across America and he chose Indianapolis as is his first stop, truly focusing on one city and connecting with the community.

Documentary photographer Joe Quint has spent the past five months coming to Indianapolis to capture families directly impacted by gun violence and workers like parole officers and prosecutors who are indirectly touched by it.

Quint says it's about telling real stories of the brave survivors who have the strength to share their experience. He says his work isn't about politics but to tell a diverse story and spark a conversation while people connect to the photos.

"Hopefully see the story of their families in the story of other families so that they realize this is a problem that affects us all, this is an epidemic that affects us all," said Quint.

He wants to show the full story of gun violence and that it doesn't just involve street crimes, but domestic violence and suicide too.

"The breaking point was him coming to my job and popping the trunk and pulling out a shot gun. That's when I knew I just couldn't take it anymore," said domestic violence survivor, Danyette Smith.

Smith and her daughters were photographed as part of the "It Takes Us" project presented by Faith, Justice and the Arts.

"It captures some of the deep loneliness that I went through and how I solely leaned on God," said Smith.

Quint spent time with each person and family, including a mom who lost her son and husband to suicide and survivors of the Noblesville school shooting. He says he hopes people realize all these stories connect us.

"That we're all one or two degrees of separation away from gun violence even though we may not realize it. We might think our kids go to school in a certain place so they're not impacted," said Quint.

The exhibit will be on display at six different locations around Indianapolis through November 13. For the complete schedule, click here.

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