Root2Rise combines yoga, fresh pressed juice under one roof on Greenwood’s Main Street

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GREENWOOD, Ind. -- After finishing a yoga session--while feeling extra Zen and healthy--you might want to reach for a cold, fresh juice.

Now, you can.

Located just off I-65 at 916 E. Main Street, Suite 112 in Greenwood is Root2Rise. It’s a one-stop health and wellness destination putting yoga and fresh pressed juice (made from organic, locally sourced ingredients) under one roof.

Co-founder Elaine Elliott says she developed her passion for nutrition several years ago, after getting sick and learning to heal herself through a more holistic approach.

“Going through it myself made me super passionate about juicing and health and ended up going to yoga school, meeting my business partner [Cathie Huber] who was super passionate about healing her body through yoga,” Elliott explained.

Elliot and Huber decided to join forces and create a perfect marriage of yoga and fresh pressed juices through their wellness-focused business.

But only under one condition.

“We had a lot of offers to go to the north side and downtown and work with other people but we’re both from the south side and we wanted to bring this here,” said Elliott. “We wanted to bring it to our community.”

They found the perfect location along Main Street and officially opened their doors in May 2018.

Photo Credit: Root2Rise Facebook page

According to their website, the mission at Root2Rise is “to be a neighborhood gathering spot that provides the right amount of nourishment, guidance and contentment to help all those who enter to root themselves in their wellness and rise to be their best.”

Now, southsiders have a new go-to health destination to do yoga or grab a pressed juice like the immune booster.

“Especially this time of year with kids going back to school, everyone’s getting sick so that’s super popular,” she said.

Elliott’s personal favorite is the green detox.

“That’s my go-to, always has been. That’s the lowest glycemic, it’s mostly vegetables and it’s super popular,” she said.  “Most people think ‘green’ [means] terrible and are really scared of the taste...  It’s actually pretty sweet and it’s a favorite for a lot of people.”

If you're on the go, you can even grab a bottled juice for later.

Photo Credit: Root2Rise Facebook page

When it comes to smoothies, the phytonutrient-filled Green Machine is the most popular. They also have kid-friendly options that are fruit-based. But for adults who need a little boost of energy, there’s the Morning Magic, which made using coffee from local roasters at Brickhouse Coffee.

“It has coffee but it’s also got protein, banana and agave in it. It’s my favorite smoothie by far,” Elliott said. “But you’re also only getting a little bit of coffee so you’re not overdoing it.”

Then, get your flow on in the yoga studio.

“We have gentle classes where our instructors will walk you through everything, your alignment,” she explained. “Then we have Vinyasa classes, we have some heated classes. A lot of people like the heated classes.”

On Sundays, Root2Rise offers a “Rest and Digest” class, which Elliott describes as “more meditative.”

“It’s kind of just to slow everyone down. We’re in Indiana, everyone’s in a hurry so it just slows them down and helps them learn how to meditate and kind of heal the body,” she said.

With classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, it’s easy to find one that meets your needs and experience level.

“We held a beginner workshop for people and I think that helped them feel better about being in a class because we’re not in their doing the splits. It’s not Instagram inside there,” Elliott said. “It really is just very relaxed and healing environment.”

Four Things You Need to Know About Table by Market District

  • Co-Founders Elaine Elliott and Cathie Huber are both southsiders who were adamant about creating a wellness-focused gathering spot to this area, specifically. “Franklin Township has been in need for so long. We just weren’t willing to budge on where we wanted to go… we wanted to bring it to the southside,” said Elliott.
  • Root2Rise also offers reflexology, health coaching and meal planning. They even have an in-house naturopathic doctor.
  • They love to partner with other local businesses like Brickhouse Coffee (used in their Morning Magic smoothie) and Materia Medica, who offers everything from herbal infusions to moisturizers.
  • When it comes to yoga classes, they offer everything from beginner Ashtanga to more advanced levels. Classes are offered throughout the day (morning, afternoons and evenings) and walk-ins are welcome. But Elliott suggests registering online for evening classes, which have a tendency of filling up.

After such quick success on the south side, could we see more Root2Rise locations popping up in the future?

“We have been asked so many times!” Elliott said. “Right now this is our heart and soul and we want this to be the south side’s community. That’s our biggest mission right now. And once we’re nailing it, maybe!

For more info on Root2Rise, check out their official website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

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