Convicted sex offender found hiding in Muncie officer’s backyard

MUNCIE, Ind.- Early Sunday morning, a young woman told police she woke up to a man touching her. Muncie police say 27-year-old Trevor Wages opened a window at her home, reached inside and grabbed her leg.

“She advised she was paralyzed with fear and unable to move,” said Kris Swanson, investigator with the Muncie Police Department.

Investigators tell CBS4 one of the woman’s relatives started chasing Wages and when he lost sight of him he called police.

“The officer located some footprints that he followed which aided him in locating him,” said Swanson.

Wages allegedly hopped a fence and was found hiding near a shed in the backyard of a home on the same block. The home just happened to be where a Muncie police officer lived, the same one who was out looking for him.

“Karma is good. What comes around, goes around,” said neighbor Chuck Workman.

Wages supposedly lives in the area. He is a convicted sex offender and was just recently released from jail. Neighbors are relieved he’s off their streets.

“Hopefully they keep him where he belongs,” Workman said.

Wages is facing a long list of charges including battery, trespassing and resisting law enforcement.

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