Jewelry store accidentally ships couple’s engagement ring to another country

SAN DIEGO  (KGTV) – A San Diego couple reached out to 10News after a La Jolla jeweler shipped a treasured engagement ring to the wrong country.

Joe Nguyen and Lidwina Arbianto were engaged last October, and like most brides, Arbianto has been admiring her ring every day since.

The couple brought the ring to Brilliant Earth in La Jolla to have it resized, but that’s when they said the problems began.

They picked up the ring at the end of August, but Arbianto knew right away that something was off.

“I know what it looks like. He opened up the box and literally the first words out of my mouth [were] ‘that’s not my ring, it’s too small,’” said Arbianto.

After a closer examination, staff members at Brilliant Earth confirmed that she was right.

There was a mix-up, and Arbianto’s 1.6-carat ring was accidentally sent to Canada.

“The other ring we received that day was also resized to the exact same size and engagement band, so they said they must have just misplaced and shipped the wrong ring,” Nguyen said.

However, getting it back has been easier said than done.

“Now it’s at the point where it’s been almost two weeks and we still don’t have the ring here,” said Nguyen.

10News anchor Lindsey Pena showed the couple an email she received from Brilliant Earth’s corporate office that stated the company would replace the order with one of equal or greater value if it cannot be recovered for any reason.

Abrianto said, “They say that they’re doing everything they can on their side. I don’t see them going to Canada. I just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to other people because it really sucks.”

It’s not clear when the couple’s ring could be returned.

The couple told 10News the misplaced ring is the only one they want.

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