Florence brings torrential rain to SE but Midwest is quiet

Foggy outside of Indianapolis Friday morning.  Muncie has dipped to only about a mile in visibility.  Fog is not expected to be widespread. Really, Friday looks just beautiful.  Plenty of sunshine and highs in the mid 80s.  Temperatures will hold in the 70s through midnight making for a very comfortable Friday evening.
We could very well go the entire next seven days without any rain at all.  There’s the slightest chance any rain gets tossed our way on Monday by what is leftover of Florence but right now it looks like we should just get some clouds from that system. The colts are on the road this weekend and the game should get off to a dry start with comfortable temperatures but rain could certainly develop and be trouble for the game. Hurricane Florence made landfall Friday morning with sustained winds of 90mph and gusts even higher.  Torrential rain will continue for hours and flooding will cause problems for weeks to come.The remnants of Florence will trek west until sliding north through eastern Tennessee and head NE toward the New England states. We’ve been tracking Florence since the first of the storm was forming off the coast of Africa.  You can see the wobbly track the Hurricane took across the ocean.  Tornadoes are a serious threat as the hurricane comes onshore.

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