Hurricane Florence to make landfall overnight

Highs will warm into the upper 80s across central Indiana Friday and highs will stay near 90 degrees through the Sunday. Humidity will also be on the rise and our weather will have a more Summer-like feeling through this weekend.

Hurricane Florence will make landfall along the North Carolina coast overnight. Maximum winds with the storm have decreased slightly, but the storm will still cause major damage. The will be a catastrophic storm for the Mid-Atlantic States with a 6-9 foot. storm surge, 10-20 inches of rain and wind gusts approaching 100 miles per hour.

We’ll stay dry through the weekend. Remnants from Florence will eventually move this way and give us rain early ext week.

Highs will stay in the 80s for the rest of the week.

Hurricane Florence is about 450 miles wide.

Maximum sustained winds are at 105 miles per hour.

The hurricane will make landfall by Friday morning.

The powerful storm will batter most of the eastern  U.S.

Five states have now declared a State of Emergency.

Maximum winds will approach 100 miles per hour as the eye makes landfall.

10-20 inches of rain are likely over the East Coast.

Power outages and massive flooding are likely.

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