City removes leaning tree in Franklin veteran’s yard as promised

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- A veteran seeking to have a dangerous tree removed from his yard finally got his wish, less than two months after CBS4 Problem Solvers highlighted his case and pushed city officials for action.

Crews showed up at Terry Rogers' home on Tuesday morning and spent most of the day removing the tree, even leaving some wood for Rogers to use.

"They worked constantly. They didn't slow down at all," Rogers said, complimenting the crew's work.

CBS4 Problem Solvers met Rogers in July, after he said he had tried to get the city to remove the tree but could not get a definitive time frame from them. A city arborist had agreed with Rogers that the tree, which was on a railroad easement, should be removed, but the removal was delayed multiple times.

"I figure the worse it gets, the better chance it’s got of falling over, and if it does, it’s going to take the power lines and the pole," Rogers said at the time.

City officials told CBS4 that they would remove the tree by September 15. After last weekend's rain, Rogers said he was eager to see them meet that deadline.

"This weekend with all that rain and the wind, I could sit there seeing that thing just rocking," Rogers said.

By the time CBS4 Problem Solvers arrived at Rogers' home Tuesday, crews were already down to their final work removing the tree trunk. They brought in heavy equipment to dispose of the trunk and by the end of the day, the tree was gone.

"(I have) a lot less stress going on right now, because every time it rained or something, (my) stress would get built for fear that thing may come down on something. I just didn’t want it to happen," Rogers said.

According to previous communication with city officials, Franklin employs a full-time arborist who reported that he took more than 400 calls last year and inspected more than 350 trees.

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