Affordable housing is scarce in Hamilton county, new Westfield development may be solution

WESTFIELD, Ind. -- A new housing development in Westfield could bring affordable living to an area in desperate need.  Currently 40% of Hamilton County homeowners can’t afford to live in a home more than $200,000, while the median cost of a home in the Westfield area is $336,000.

Local business owners said they have to overpay for help just to get people to apply for jobs in town.

“I’m seeing a lot more single families starting in Sheridan and Tipton, and making the trip down here to work,” said Toby Miles who owns The Rail restaurant in town.

“If the car breaks down it’s a crisis for them.  They can’t get to work, and they lose their job,” Westfield City Council President Jim Ake said of people commuting to Westfield.

Lindley Run is a proposed housing project with more than 400 homes, including 237 townhomes under $200,000.  It’s situated on Grassy Branch Road near 196th street.  There will also be 60 duplexes in the $200,000 range, as well as 83 larger single-family homes and 43 smaller single-family homes.  The single family homes are priced in the mid-$200,000 range and above.

Ake said the City Council has been working with developers and pushing for this type of project.  He said the developers redesigned the project to fit their request.

“There is a shortage of what I’d call the missing middle," Ake said. "Theres a price point there where our workers can’t live in Westfield.”

The project is heading to the Advisory Planning Commission to make sure it passes compliance and zoning.  Ake said there may be a few other tweaks before the project is given the green light.

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