City of Shelbyville takes proactive measures to this weekend’s flood threat

SHELBYVILLE, Ind- The City of Shelbyville and Shelby County are taking proactive measures to this weekend’s flood threat. The National Weather Service in Indianapolis is predicting the Big Blue River to crest at 19 feet Sunday afternoon. They are recommending that residents in the affected areas start taking precautions should the need arise.

Shelbyville Mayor Tom DeBaun said when the river crested at 18.6 feet in 2005, the Kennedy Park neighborhood was evacuated. Mayor DeBaun said several homes suffered water damage.

That is why he and other city officials were out along the river on Saturday afternoon to prepare for Sunday. They cleared out storm sewers and set up about 150 feet of concrete barriers along low-lying areas.

“If there are things you can do to leave your home if in fact we ask you to leave your home, we would like you to do that,” said Mayor DeBaun.

Flooding in Shelbyville is all too familiar for some homeowners in the Kennedy Park neighborhood. Christa Stiers remembered being evacuated in 2005.

“I just filled out freezer with some meat so I was walking out with bags of meat, carrying the kids and making sure that we went,” she said.

Some homeowners in the neighborhood were nervous about damage to their property but most were hoping for the best.

“There is nothing you can do. Worry does no good,” said Stiers.

The city is prepared to shelter people if necessary. It’s also monitoring rainfall totals in Henry and Delaware counties because Mayor DeBaun said that affects the river levels in Shelbyville.

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