Man accused of plowing car into crowd outside Muncie bar

Update: Childress turned himself in at the police station Tuesday morning. 

MUNCIE, Ind.- Dramatic cell phone video captured a driver plowing into a group of people outside of a bar in Muncie.

Investigators are still searching for the driver, but have identified him as 29-year-old Keith Childress.

Early Saturday morning, police were called to the parking lot along N. Dill Street. Footage shows a white Dodge Charger slamming into a crowd. You can see people thrown on the hood of the car and others knocked to the ground.

Police believe there was some type of disturbance that escalated into a dangerous situation.

“It was definitely intentional,” said witness Joe Hardwick.

Joe Hardwick was one of a few people who turned into a victim.

“I got hit right in the back and we got thrown in right into the wall,” he said.

“(It) got out of hand way too quick,” said Kyle Monroe, detective with Muncie Police Department.

Detectives gave CBS4 another video, showing a different angle. You can hear tires squealing and screaming as the driver plows into the group standing by the wall. Other bystanders are seen trying to run away.

“Everybody was just flipping out,” said Hardwick.

The driver made a quick getaway. Police found the white Dodge Charger damaged and dumped nearby.

“He was obviously backing out and could’ve left the parking lot but decided to stop and turn left 45 degrees or so into a group,” explains Monroe.

The cell phone footage is now evidence in this case.

“We are all very, very thankful to be walking away from that. It could’ve been 100% worse,” explains Hardwick.

If police track down Childress, he could be facing a long list of charges including; battery, leaving the scene of an accident, and criminal recklessness.

Anyone who knows anything about Childress’ whereabouts is asked to call Muncie police.

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