73-year-old man arrested for allegedly shooting at his neighbor during dispute over lawn care

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A 73-year-old man is behind bars, accused of shooting at his neighbor during a dispute over lawn care.

The unusual shooting took place just south of Camby road on Indy’s southwest side. Last week, police were called to the property after Homer Faucett says his 73-year-old neighbor threatened to shoot him. Thursday night, those threats turned into gunshots.

“He pulled the pistol out and shot at the culvert and then turned the pistol at me, at which point I turned around to make a B-line and he fired at me,” said Faucett.

Faucett says he quickly drove his mower to safety and called police.

According to the police report, officers took Paul Kelley to the hospital for evaluation, then booked him into jail on a felony charge of criminal recklessness, although the 73-year-old told police he was shooting at a snake in the grass.

“Which I think is his way of being funny and saying I’m a snake because he doesn’t like the way I mow my lawn,” said Faucett.

As a second report shows, Homer called police ten days earlier to report Kelley threatened to kill him eight or nine times.

“There was a tirade of cursing and he said, ‘If you drop your deck on my lawn again I’m going to shoot you,’” said Faucett.

During that first altercation, police talked to the suspect but left the property without making any arrests.

“The police actually told me, 'Don’t mow your lawn. It may cause him to snap.' This is just silly. I’ve got to be able to mow my own lawn,” said Faucett.

Following the shooting, to help prevent any more violence, police seized numerous guns from the suspect. Faucett says he still can’t believe the 73-year-old got so mad over lawn care.

“There’s a level of civility that we’re just losing in this country,” said Faucett. “There are just some lines you don’t cross.”

Faucet knows he’s lucky he wasn’t hurt during the shooting. He hopes this is the last run in he ever has with his neighbor.

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