Good Samaritan gives hundreds of dollars to Westfield single mom

WESTFIELD, Ind – A single mom in Westfield is thanking a stranger who gave her hundreds of dollars to pay for a flat tire. Victoria Evins could not believe it when a man she doesn’t know pitched in $250 for her bill.

Evins lives in Westfield and she’s a single mom of three kids. She’s doing her best to provide for them on her own. The father of her youngest daughter was murdered three years ago.

“I told my daughter as we were getting dressed, daddy loves you and daddy is always with you,” she said.

On Friday, she headed to a job interview so she could keep paying the bills. She did not plan to get a flat tire along the way.

“I just was crying. I was just distraught because I was driving to get to work,” said Evins.

She pulled over at an intersection in Carmel with only $23 in her wallet. Shortly after, a man who lives nearby came over to see if she was okay. He then changed her tire and started talking to her.

“He started inspecting all my tires and said you can’t leave. So he gave me a hundred dollars to fix the first tire,” she said.

If that wasn’t enough, he noticed a second one needed to be fixed. The Good Samaritan handed Evins another $100.

“I was just shocked and I was crying and kept telling him I can’t take your money,” she said.

His generosity did not end there. The stranger insisted on taking her to Discount Tires a few minutes away to repair her car. The bill came out to nearly $300.

The man paid ended up paying $250.

“I just want to thank him a million times over and over,” Evins said.

The Good Samaritan wanted to remain anonymous. He said he did not do this for the attention or publicity. He hopes someone else would do something similar for him if he was ever in that position.

Evins said a woman and an off-duty Fishers police officer also stopped at the intersection in Carmel to make sure she was okay. She thanked them for taking the time to keep her calm during a very stressful moment.



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