Indy designer launches company hoping to employ women looking to leave the sex industry

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A local fashion designer is on a mission to empower women in the workplace. She just created what she refers to as "the world’s most comfortable blazer."

But here’s a twist, she wants to employ local women who are looking to transition out of the sex industry.

Kristin Salat is the creator of Trace Fashion. She recently launched her kickstarter campaign to produce the first piece in her clothing line, the kimono blazer.

"It's made to fit a little more relaxed and so it's made of organic cotton, which makes it really soft and a little bit of spandex and it's looser fitting so it's designed to be a little bit more casual," Kristin said.

But this design goes beyond bringing comfortable clothes to the workplace. Kristin says she wanted this brand to be made ethically and locally while helping women in her community.

"Wear my clothes are being made and really I became concerned with are the people making my clothes being treated fairly," Kristin said.

She has partnered with the local non-profit, Unconditional, to provide transitional employment to women looking to leave the sex industry.

"A group that is often kind of overlooked in society and we forget that they have dreams and skills and passions and goals just like you and I do," Kristin said.

Through the program, called Equip 360, the team will equip women with a new set of skills. Kristin says her hope is that the women will leave with the tools to break down the barrier to get her foot in the door in a new industry.

"I want to give women like a little piece of every part of the business because a lot of women are entrepreneurial," Kristin said.

Kristin's bigger goal is to become a local small batch manufacturer to help more women break into the fashion industry right here in Indianapolis.

Shattering glass ceilings in style, in more ways than one.

To check out the kickstarter campaign click here.

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