With 357 cats in need of adoption, Muncie Animal Care needs your help

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUNCIE, Ind. — If you’ve been in the market to adopt a cat, now’s a great time.

With hundreds of cats and kittens, Muncie Animal Care and Services is reaching capacity.

“We have 357 cats right now.  Seventy-nine of those are in foster and the rest are here in the building.”

Lindsey Whitesel, the feline manager with Muncie Animal Care and Services, said there are very few open cages at the shelter.

“There are very few– very, very few,” said Whitesel. “As soon as we move a cat out to adoption or to foster, it usually fills back up that same exact day because they’re coming in at such rapid numbers.”

Whitesel said summer is usually the busiest time at the shelter, but she’s never seen this many felines in need of adoption.

“Cats are seasonally polyestrous, so typically they reproduce from February to October, and they can even have more than one litter in that season,” said Whitesel. “They’re reproducing at rapid numbers. One mom can have seven babies, and then at four months old, those kittens can reproduce and have seven babies.”

The shelter is in desperate need of volunteers, supplies, fosters and adopters.

Right now, cats and kittens have an adoption fee of $65, which includes spay or neuter, vaccinations and flea treatment.

Muncie Animal Care and Services has taken to social media to ask for the community’s help with the current “cat crisis”.

“Times are very trying right now, but we’re making it through, we’re power-housing through,” said Whitesel. “We’ll be okay, we just need some help from our awesome community.”

The shelter has created a wish list where people can send needed supplies or monetary donations:

-Purina Kitten chow

-Pate style wet food

-Hard adult food


-Litter pans

-Litter scoops

-Fleece blankets


-Monetary donations

Click here to help!

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