Murder victim’s family calls for accused killer’s surrender

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Byron Davenport, Sr., said police knew within minutes the name of his son’s killer May 19 at the corner of 24th and Sheldon Streets.

“I believe there was a situation where him and gentleman named Harold Pulliam had a misunderstanding. I do want to say that based on what I’ve learned to date, it had to be about money or drugs and the only way they could resolve the situation was with a gun.”

There’s a murder warrant out for Harold Pulliam for the killing of Byron Davenport, Jr.

“There were at least seven to nine witnesses who witnessed Harold doing the shooting.”

Byron Jr. and Pulliam knew each other since teenagers in the neighborhoods just east of Dr. A.J. Brown Boulevard.

“Just because they had been so close growing up, together, you wouldn’t think a family friend would do something like that to him,” said Byron’s sister Danielle Davenport.

Byron Sr. said from the start the Pulliam family asked for his help.

“Once the police put the photograph out there, Harold Pulliam’s family had made contact with me. The family asked me to come around to the house because Harold was supposed to turn himself in.”

That day, as a CBS4 photographer and a top ranking IMPD officer waited at Davenport’s invitation, the surrender fell apart and the father now feels betrayed.

“There are people in the community who said they’ve seen Harold around. From my understanding now they’re saying he’s cut off all of his hair,” said Davenport. “I’m uncomfortable knowing he is still out there in the street and from my understanding he is a serious violent felon with a weapon.”

As the Davenport family and friends gathered in a prayer circle at the corner where Byron died, a man standing nearby was asked where he thought Pulliam might be.

“He’s probably watching us now,” he said.

“Harold Pulliam has a warrant for murder,” said Byron Sr. “Harold Pulliam was man enough to pull that trigger. He needs to man up now and turn himself in.”

“It is a lose/lose situation. Nobody wins here,” he said. “Byron goes to the cemetery. Harold goes to the penitentiary. Who wins? Nobody wins.”

If you know where Harold Pulliam is, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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