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Billboard companies sending a ‘positive message’ around Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two billboard companies are spreading positive messages around the country, including in Indianapolis. The messages are popping up on 60 billboards in the Circle City.

The two advertising companies, Adams and Fairway Outdoors, are donating 700 billboards in 21 states. The companies posted on an Instagram account for designers called Goodtype. The account has nearly a million followers.

They asked, "What would you put on a billboard." Out of more than a 100,000 submissions worldwide, 14 designs were selected. One of those was from local designer Michaela White.

“You have to rely so heavily on yourself to propel yourself in a positive way, it’s nice to have someone else give you a pick me up,” White said of the messages.

Her design says "You are simply magnificent," and the idea came to her from a song.

“I had no idea that it was going to go anywhere," White said, "I really didn’t expect it to.”

White's billboard will be on five of the 60 around the city. Next to her design is her Instagram handle @veggiebombxoxo.

“I have people coming to my page from South Carolina,” White said, “My Grandmother actually posted a picture of one by her house.”

The companies hope the boards pick people up on tough days.

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