Flood waters damage Greenfield homeless shelter

GREENFIELD, Ind. – On Monday, the City of Greenfield was greeted by a relentless downpour that dropped nearly five inches.

All of that rain is still causing problems for Hope House, a local homeless shelter, after it flooded.

Now, its leaders are asking for the community’s help.

“You’d think it was coming from the door, but it was coming from every single wall,” said Executive Director Andrea Mallory. “There used to be product under these tables that we lost.”

The shelter houses up to 35 people, serves Hancock County and those surrounding it, and also offers a thrift store which accounts for about thirty percent of their operating budget. It’s estimated about $10,000 worth of donated goods got wet and had to be thrown out. Damage estimates to the building are still coming in.

An outdoor storm drain is responsible for the mess. The pipes couldn’t handle the amount rain, causing water to back up into the building. Greenfield city officials say they are looking at solutions to the problem so it doesn’t happen again.

The shelter can’t take donations until this store room dries out, hopefully by Friday. Mallory says what they really need is monetary donations to start making those repairs, along with a little elbow grease.

“We always say this but we need some muscle maybe to move some things around and maybe help us with the store just to get us back into shape again,” said Mallory.

None of the living units where homeless people sleep were damaged. If you’d like to help out, you can visit their website to donate or get more information.

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