July is ‘Pitty Party’ month at Muncie Animal Care to help reduce stigma against pit bulls

MUNCIE, Ind. — Muncie Animal Care & Services is working to reduce the stigma against pit bulls.

“Pitty Party” is taking place over the course of July at the shelter and throughout the Muncie community in an effort to end discrimination towards the breed.

“We take in about 4-5,000 animals a year and about a half of those are dogs,” said Amanda Litviak, the foster coordinator for Muncie Animal Care & Services. “Unfortunately just because of circumstances, 80 to 90 percent of them are pit bulls and in other shelters they wouldn’t even get the chance to potentially be adopted. Meanwhile, we are very friendly towards them and we do as much as we can to get them the help they deserve.”

Each week of the month, the shelter is featuring pit bulls and their owners on its Facebook page, and educating community members about the breed.

Litviak became a first-time pit bull owner after working at the shelter. She said her parents took some convincing to let her bring home the two pit bulls, but now– they’re in love with them.

Amanda’s two pit bulls, Huey and Kane

“They will show it themselves,” said Litviak. “We just need to give them chance to do so because many places don’t even put them up for adoption or they are euthanized pretty much immediately. So, they are not even given the chance to show the great dogs that they are. They just need a little bit of a chance,” she said.

Ashley Honeycutt is a pit bull owner participating in this month’s Pitty Party. She said adopting her pit bull was the perfect addition to her family.

“He’s housebroken, gets along great with my kids and loves being at home with family,” Honeycutt said. “I know typically people have kind of the stigma with the pit bulls and I can understand that to a certain extent, but my experience with them has been a very positive one– he’s been a wonderful dog.”

Honeycutt is also a first-time pit bull owner. She adopted her pit bull, Rex Wayne Biggs, from Muncie Animal Care & Services. She said it’s heartbreaking to see how many pit bulls are in need of adoption.

“It’s heartbreaking to walk through there and see all of them,” she said. “It’s sad.”

For just this month, all cats and dogs at the shelter will have a reduced adoption fee of $25.

If you’re interesting in adopting or fostering, click here.

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