Indianapolis woman helps track down stolen motorcycle

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A bevy of stolen motorcycles are popping up in Indy, and they are leading to crowded Facebook feeds.  People are posting their lost hogs, hoping to see them again.  One victim took the law into her own hands by tracking the thief and alerting police.

Amber Mahoney is a mother of eight, but her Harley Davidson may be her ninth child.  When a thief swiped it, she went into a frenzy.

“It consumed me for seven days, from the time I got up to the time I went to bed,” Mahoney said.

She eventually tracked down the location of the person she believed to be the suspect, and called IMPD.

“I went and hid in the Ace Hardware on West Washington and Lynhurst," Mahoney said.

She said the police presence spooked the thief, so he took off on her bike, eluding officers.

“I figured at that point I was never going to see this bike again,” Mahoney said.

When she started to drive again, she said she noticed him ahead of her, and began to follow him.  Mahoney said she called police, and gave them turn-by-turn directions.

“It was like out of a movie. We were enveloped in police cars,” Mahoney described.

She said the man was arrested, but IMPD said they will not comment on an active investigation.

As for the bike, it's limited edition paint job was covered by purple paint and glitter.  Mahoney said it's ruined.  IMPD recommends bike owners add a unique second serial number to their bikes, so if they are stolen and heavily modified, they can be tracked easier.

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