You now won’t see Lime or Bird scooters in Indy for a while as city works on regulations

People using Bird scooters.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – You won’t be seeing people zipping around on electric scooters in Indianapolis for a while.

Bird announced Thursday that it’s joining Lime in removing its scooters from the city’s streets as elected officials work on regulations:

“We are glad to be working with Indianapolis to build a framework that permits affordable transportation options that help the city reach its goals of getting cars off the road and reducing emissions. While this work is underway, we have agreed to remove our scooters from the streets of Indianapolis and started removing vehicles on Wednesday, 7/11. We hope the ordinance and its resulting permit process is completed as soon as possible so we can get back to helping people easily get around Indianapolis.”

This comes after the city issued a cease and desist order against the companies, which Lime complied with last week, but Bird defied the city’s wishes until now.

A City-County Council committee recently passed on a revised ordinance proposal to the full council that looks to regulate the increasingly popular scooters in the city.

If a new ordinance is passed, the companies will be required to have a new form of permit to operate in the city. Until then, residents will have to revert back to using their old forms of transportation.

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