Man found guilty of robbing elderly couple, tying them with duct tape sentenced to 62 years

Reese Keith

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A man convicted of robbing an elderly Franklin couple and leaving them bound with duct tape last year has been sentenced to a total of 62 years in prison.

A Johnson County judge handed that sentence down to 29-year old Reese Keith on Wednesday.

Keith was convicted of breaking into the home of Ella and Clayton Dixon, robbing them at gunpoint, and then leaving them bound with duct tape.

Authorities say the crime happened after Keith walked out of a hospital still wearing a gown and an IV in his arm, following an arrest in greenwood.  He was later captured in Richmond and brought back to face the charges.

During Keith’s trial, prosecutors and the Dixon family argued that the robbery had accelerated Clayton Dixon’s dementia, forcing him into assisted living.  In a letter to the court, Ella Dixon wrote that Reese Keith had robbed her and her husband of their golden years together.

“They were a couple weeks away from their 70th wedding anniversary when this occurred, and they’ve not been together since,” Cooper said.  “So that life, that relationship was destroyed by Reese Keith that day.”

Dixon’s son, Greg spoke briefly after the hearing.

“I sympathize with his family, but there’s really not much to say,” said Greg. “They lost and we lost as well.”

Keith’s mother testified on her son’s behalf, saying his drug addiction caused his crime spree and that he deserved another chance to be treated for drug addiction for the sake of his daughters, ages 9 and 11.  She pointed out that today was the younger daughter’s 9th birthday.

Cooper argued Keith has had seven second chances, in the form of seven probations over the last decade.

Following the hearing, Keith gave a tearful apology to Ella Dixon in the courtroom.  He told Dixon that her bravery and love for her husband had inspired and changed him.

Keith also told the judge he plans to appeal his sentence.

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