13-year-old arrested after car stolen from owner’s driveway on south side

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Residents in one south side neighborhood say they’re on high alert after two vehicles were stolen over the weekend. A 13-year-old was arrested in connection with one of the thefts.

A young family said they were devastated when they learned their SUV was taken early Monday morning. A surveillance camera captured the suspects approaching the vehicle, getting in and driving off.

“I just couldn’t believe it honestly,” said Allison Green, one of the vehicle’s owners. “I’m so shocked that they would be so bold.”

The theft left Green, her husband and their two little girls with no way to get around.

“Well my daughters’ car seats are in the back and that’s what I was worried about,” Green said. “Also how my husband and I are going to get to work.”

The brazen move happened after another family’s vehicle was stolen Saturday night about a block away. Officers say they later found a 13-year-old driving that car. The minor was arrested for auto theft, burglary and theft from a building.

“They’re brave,” said Tracy Zimmerman, who lives next door to Green. “I don’t know if they’re dangerous or just going for joy rides.”

Green and her husband decided to go look for their Toyota RAV-4 around the area. They spotted it Tuesday afternoon at the Capital Place Apartments.

Inside of the vehicle, they found empty beer bottles, marijuana, Air Jordans, a flat screen TV and a hoverboard. The only noticeable damage to the car was burn marks on the seats, according to Green.

The couple called IMPD to help them retrieve their vehicle.

“We’re just glad to have it back in our possession,” Green said.

Police are still trying to find suspects in this latest vehicle theft case. If you know anything, you’re urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Green said she is relieved but knows people in her neighborhood are stepping up their safety measures.

“They’re just saying we’re keeping together as a community, really keeping our eye out,” Green said. “I know everyone has security cameras around here. I would probably suggest not doing that again now they’re we’re all on defense.”

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