The importance of a home inspection

One of the most important aspects of buying or selling a home is getting a home inspection. Trusted Advisor Eric Seymour, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Indiana Realty, knows the ins and outs of how to help homeowners through the home inspection process.

"A home inspection is when you have a qualified, educated person come into the home who knows Indiana code requirements for homes,” Seymour explains.  “They thoroughly inspect that home and create a list of any major or minor defects they find along with any maintenance issues in the home before a buyer buys it.”

The potential buyer of the home has the choice of who they would like to do the inspection. “As trusted advisors, often times they'll choose a home inspector based on our recommendation of people we've worked with in the past. Or, they might have a trusted 'Uncle Joe' that does home inspections,” Seymour said.  “At the end of the day, you want someone you trust inspecting the home."

Seymour suggests the buyers of the home participate in the inspection.  "The home inspection is a time when the buyers walk around the home with the inspector learning all about the process and the home’s status."

The inspection process can be overwhelming, that’s why Seymour advises his clients every step of the way. "I set the expectation for my buyer before the report even comes back. I categorize the four different categories of items that can come through on that report- major issues, minor issues, health and safety issues and maintenance issues. I let them know we will ask for the health and safety and major defects to be addressed by the seller before moving forward. The other items may not need to be part of the negotiation."  Seymour helps clients work through what needs to be fixed before the sale can move forward.

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