Local kids experience physical, mental benefits of yoga with Monumental Yoga event

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Indy’s largest annual yoga event is having a big impact on some of it’s smallest participants.

“Our children these days are just challenged with more temptations, distractions, there’s increased anxiety and peer pressure,” Karen Roberson, yoga instructor at Kompose Yoga, said, “And so with yoga, the benefits are both physical and mental.”

Monumental Yoga brings thousands of Hoosiers to the Circle each year on the Summer Solstice and aims to help those of all ages and abilities experience the benefits of yoga.

"This is about community," Cassie Stockamp, founder of Monumental Yoga and the President of the Athenaeum Foundation, said.  "Families are such a building block of all of this so we started from the very beginning offering a family yoga class."

A family-focused class and a kids' yoga session as part of Monumental Yoga helps the youngest yogis learn the benefits of time spend on the mat and in meditation.

"I have seen increased confidence, improved body image, I've also seen a really nice sense of calm at the end of class," Roberson said, who also uses yoga in her classroom as a third-grade teacher.

"I will venture to say this is one of the most important things a kid could learn is how to have that inner dialogue and self soothe," Stockamp added.

"It makes me calm down when something is hard in math or reading," Olivia Nagle, an elementary student participating in Monumental Yoga, said. "I just take deep breaths and I think about yoga and figure out the answer and that's what I like about yoga."

Monumental Yoga is a completely donation-based event, with all of the proceeds helping introduce even more local kids to yoga and experience it's physical and mental benefits.

"The net proceeds from this event all go to the Indy Yoga Movement and they are taking yoga to the schools, and I can't imagine if I had learned this at a young age, the self-soothing and way to connect no only with the physical being but that inner dialogue is so healthy."

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