UPDATE: Officials identify grandfather found dead after Father’s Day house fire in Avon

AVON, Ind. – An 84-year-old man was found dead in a house fire in Avon on Father’s Day.

Crews were called to the scene in the 4800 block of Gibbs Rd. around 12:40 p.m.

Fire officials say the victim’s family, who lives next door, called 911 after smelling smoke and noticing their father’s home was on fire.

Authorities discovered the man, identified Monday as Earnest Coffman, while putting out the flames. He was a father and grandfather.

There is not heavy damage to the outside of the home but officials say the inside was badly damaged by flames and heavy smoke. Crews believe the fire tore through two rooms in the house and was fueled by items inside.

Investigators have not yet announced the cause of the fire but believe Coffman died from smoke inhalation.

“Unless someone is in close proximity to the fire, it is usually smoke inhalation because of the products of combustion. With everything that we have in our homes these days, a lot of things are made out of plastic and petroleum and that creates a lot of smoke. A lot of fatalities that we see in fire situations are because of smoke inhalation,” said Avon Fire Department Assistant Chief Gerald George.

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