Get clean fast if you are exposed to poison ivy

The resin from poison ivy is difficult to get off.  Just ask groundskeeper Andrew Wagner.

“I run into it almost on a daily basis,” says Wagner. “Your pores are wide open from sweat all day. It’s pretty much in your skin immediately.”

The oil from the plant is what causes the rash.

The important things is trying to get it off your skin within six to eight hours.

According to the centers for disease control if you are exposed to poison ivy, immediately rinse your skin with rubbing alcohol, poison plant wash or degreasing soap such as dishwashing soap and lots of water.

Rinse frequently so that wash solutions don’t dry on the skin and further spread the urushiol.  Do scrub under your nails with a brush.  Apply wet compresses, calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to the skin to

Reduce itching and blistering.  Oatmeal baths may relieve itching too.  Antihistamines can be taken as well.

To reduce your chances of touching  poison ivy do learn what it looks like: rounded leaves and leaves of three are going to  mean it’s a poison ivy or oak.

The poison oak has more jagged leaves. They still have the red stem.

Poison ivy can also be found in unexpected places like your flower bed inside your mulch.  Poison ivy likes to grow up trees.

Another source of poison ivy oil is your dog.  If they run in the woods they could easily have gotten some oil on their fur.

A small amount of good news: it’s not contagious.

Just remember, leaves of three let them be.


Story from from KTHV in Arkansas

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