‘I just reacted’: Apartment manager recounts rescue of pregnant mom, child from south side pool

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- We’re hearing from the woman at the center of a dramatic pool rescue on the city’s south side. On Wednesday, a local apartment manager, Jennifer Potter, jumped into a pool to save a pregnant woman and her toddler son who were about to drown.

Potter didn’t go to work Wednesday expecting to save a life, and she didn’t. In fact, she saved three.

“I don’t know how I did it,” said Potter, “I just reacted, and I would hope that anyone else would do the same thing that I did.”

Potter was riding by the pool on a golf cart with her maintenance guy and happened to notice a group of kids trying to help someone; at second glance, she realized it was a small child.

“I took my shoes off real quick while still running and just dove right into the pool,” said Potter.

But that child wasn’t alone. Beneath him, underwater, was his pregnant mother, unconscious after having jumped in trying to save her own son after he fell in.

“I ended up grabbing both and just kind of swimming as fast as I could,” said Potter, “I got a little panicky...I’m not going to lie.”

With help from her maintenance team, they pulled the mother and child out of the water, then called 911.

The pool appears to have all of the required safety equipment, and Potter said someone did throw a flotation ring in, which the child was holding onto. Safety experts say that's the safest approach in a situation like this.

“One of the foundations of swim safety is going to be reach or throw, don’t go,” said swim instructor Andrew Joseph at Goldfish Swim School. “The reason why that’s important is you don’t want to have two people in trouble when one person is in trouble.”

Thankfully rescue officials say mom, child and unborn baby are expected to be alright. They’ve also given Potter a fitting title.

“Well, they all kept calling me a hero, and like I said I don’t feel like one,” said Potter, “I just feel like I was doing what any other normal person would do.”


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