IMPD works with Kansas State Police for large drug bust leading to 5 arrests, seizure of 50 pounds of pot

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Coordination between authorities in Kansas and Indianapolis resulted in a major drug bust in Beech Grove where 50 pounds of marijuana and more than 90 thousand dollars were seized.

The bust started in Kansas and crossed multiple state lines before ending up in Indiana.

Driving down the interstate, the Kansas Highway Patrol says it busted a truck carrying 50 pounds of marijuana, but instead of simply arresting the driver, troopers in Kansas called IMPD.

"What they did was they reached out to us and said they had a courier with large amount of marijuana and it’s coming to Indianapolis," said IMPD officer Jim Gillespie.

The IMPD then waited for the delivery to be made to a home on 7th Avenue this week and then immediately raided the property.  In addition to the 50 pounds of pot, officers say they seized 92 thousand dollars in cash, several pounds of THC laced candy and 2 firearms, one of which was stolen.

"This was a unique set of circumstances because a lot of times you see highway patrol doing great work where they get narcotics off the street, but the investigation does stop there," said Gillespie.

"We knew what was going on.  You could see it," said neighbor Carolyn Shaw.

Neighbors like Carolyn say they long suspected drug activity in the home where five suspects were arrested including a man named Donald Dowdell.

Back in January of this year, at a different home on Euclid avenue, the 29-year-old Dowdell was shot multiple times but survived.

According to court records, during a search of that home police found marijuana packaged and ready for sale.  That led to criminal charges against Dowdell, who has now been shot and arrested twice in less than 5 months.

"A lot of times people think marijuana is not a big deal. Who cares about that? That isn’t the case because it can lead to other causes of crime," said Gillespie.

"This is our community.  We live here.  We don’t want it here," said Shaw. "There’s better ways to make money than that, because that will get you an 8 by 10 cell."

Photo from IMPD

IMPD arrested the following individuals:

  • Donald Dowdell,29; preliminarily charged with dealing and possession of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance
  • Willima King, 31; preliminarily charged with dealing and possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement, and visiting a common nuisance
  • Terrance Shane, 30; preliminarily charged with dealing and possession of marijuana, residential entry, and visiting a common nuisance
  • Terrance McGraw, 29; preliminarily charged with dealing and possession of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance
  • Telice Easley, 21; preliminarily charged with dealing and possession of marijuana, and visiting a common nuisance

Police took the items seized during the operation to the IMPD property room to be held as evidence. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will make the final charging decision.

The investigation involved IMPD Criminal Interdiction, North District, North District Flex Team, IMPD SWAT, Southeast District, Beech Grove police and Kansas State Police.

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