Teens attack construction worker in Franklin after he yelled at driver for speeding, police say

FRANKLIN, Ind. — Authorities say three young people  attacked a construction worker after he yelled at a driver to slow down.

Monday morning, the worker was in the middle of pouring concrete with another worker when a when a car sped past the crew. The Franklin Police Department says the car nearly hit the workers and returned about 10 minutes after the worker yelled at the driver.

The worker told police the three teenagers got out of the car and started beating him up.

"He didn’t deserve that. He was just out here doing his job," said Derek Sparrow, who saw the attack in his front yard and ran outside to help the worker.

"It happened so fast so when three on one happens the instinct kicks in and I knew I had to break it up," he said.

Sparrow says the worker was knocked to the ground and the three teenagers kept punching him over and over. He dragged him away from the fight.

"They continued to hoot, holler, and cuss. He was bleeding pretty bad from his ear. He had scraped up his arm. Then they took off and they started yelling at the other crew down the street," said Sparrow.

When Franklin police showed up, the worker told officers he did what he could to defend himself but he didn't take a swing at his attackers because he knew they were juveniles.

"You’ve got to hand him some credit, this construction worker, to be able to contain his emotions and everything that was going through his mind," said Deputy Chief Jim Hoeing.

Investigators believe the three males were either 16 or 17 years old and were driving a smaller, white 4-door car.

Police say the worker tripped and fell during the attack and had cuts to his ear, elbows and his knuckles. Police are seeking suspects in the case.