For honorary Indy 500 starter Chris Hemsworth, the training is everything: ‘The flag waves you’

Before triumph comes the struggle.

That even applies to waving the green flag at the Indianapolis 500, apparently.

Chris Hemsworth, this year’s honorary starter, posted an amusing video on his Instagram account showing his “rigorous” training regimen for the race.

The video shows Hemsworth waking up full of anxiety about his duties as flag-waver for the 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500. He stretches, massages his shoulders and splashes water on his face.

Then he stares at a small checkered flag that seems to taunt him from a distance. He struggles to wave the flag, first doing so stiffly and then collapsing dramatically to the floor.

He’s a man in search of answers.

Finally, he gets some help and proper training. And Hemsworth, best known for his role as the mighty god of thunder, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, learns the way of the flag.

He climbs the steps and triumphantly waves the green flag to start the race.

“In the end,” he says, “you don’t wave the flag. The flag waves you.”

Watch below: