Hornets or pythons? Missing Beech Grove snake inspires petition advocating mascot name change

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The owners of the Burmese python shared this photo of the missing snake with us.

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Could the search for a missing python named Vine lead to a name change for Beech Grove’s mascot?

Probably not, but the idea is the subject of an online petition urging Beech Grove to switch from its traditional “hornets” moniker to the “pythons.”

It’s all inspired by the search for Vine, an 8-year-old Burmese python who disappeared a few days ago. Her owner, Benny Tarplee, said someone may have left the cage door unlocked, allowing Vine to get out. Tarplee believes it became too hot in the house for the python.

He called her a “sweetheart” who wouldn’t hurt anyone. However, the idea of a large python on the loose in the Beech Grove area has put some residents on edge—especially those who aren’t fond of snakes.

Over the past couple days, Vine has become somewhat of a local celebrity. She even has her own Twitter account.

It’s her popularity that the petition, posted this week on the online platform Change.org, cites in advocating the change from “hornets” to “pythons”:

In light of the popularity and notoriety that “Vine” has gathered, along with the polarizing effect of bringing us all together focusing on a common new found love I propose we change the Beech Grove Hornets, to the Beech Grove pythons so we can always fondly remember this time we have shared, and Vine can live on forever.

You can sign the petition here.

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