In Your Neighborhood: Daredevil Brewing Co. brings year-round excitement, award-winning craft beer to Speedway’s Main Street

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- If you would have visited Speedway’s Main Street just four years ago, there wasn’t much to see.

“These were all just empty lots as Speedway was looking to redevelop…  It was a great match to be a part of driving the redevelopment of Main Street,” said Shane Pearson, co-owner of Daredevil Brewing Company.

Daredevil Brewing Company started 6 years ago on Indy’s south side. But a few very successful years later, they had outgrown their previous facility and knew they wanted to be a part of Speedway’s redevelopment. Three years ago, they officially opened their doors at 1151 N. Main Street in Speedway.

Now, their entire current menu is full of beers that have won awards at major competitions all over the world and won favor with local Yelpers.

“Our thought is there’s a daredevil inside everybody and what we want to do is really match our beers to your best moments,” said Pearson.

When Pearson and his business partners sat down to plan what they wanted to do as a brewery, they decided to make it their mission to make what they called “aggressively fun beer.”

“We started the brewery with one beer [called] Lift Off IPA.. And today, Lift Off is the number one selling Indiana IPA,” Person said.

But Lift-Off is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their award-winning selection of craft beers.

“We’re really known for making German style lagers,” he said. “Those are really popular. Our Vacation Kolsch and other approachable beers. For the month of May, we make our race beer which is called Race Day.”

And speaking of race day...

“[On] race weekend, we have live bands every night and then on race day itself, we host Bike to the 500…  So we will have somewhere between 700 to 1,000 people parking their bikes here on race day,” Pearson explained. “After the race, people can come and there’s an after party with food trucks and an outside beer garden.”

After the checkered flag flies, Speedway's Main Street doesn’t go quiet. From the Thursday farmers market, to Friday and Saturday $6 growler fills and the much loved patio, there’s plenty to do all summer long.

“The number one thing that stands out in the Yelp reviews beyond the beer at Daredevil is their actual patio overlooking Main Street. So you’re going to come out here and see corn hole boards that they already have supplied, picnic tables, live music often,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. Last year, Daredevil Brewing Co. was named Indiana’s 2017 Brewer of the Year. Their German pilsner also brought home “Best in Show” honors. Their craft beers have taken home major awards in major competitions spanning three continents.
  2. Their taproom offers incredible food options sourced from local companies, such as sausages from Claus’s German Market, Pat’s Philly Pretzels, gourmet grilled cheese made with cheese from Tulip Tree Creamery and Amelia’s bread, as well as popcorn from Just Pop In!
  3. Daredevil prides themselves on serving their home-made, hand-crafted beers in specific glassware, allowing to best accentuate the aromas and flavors.
  4. Daredevil allows customers to order food delivery from the surrounding restaurants.

And since this is Speedway, you never know who you might run into.

“Because AJ Foyt Racing is right across the street, we see all the AJs because there’s more than one… We used to see more of Ed Carpenter when he was down the street. We kind of see everybody,” said Pearson.

However, only a select few of those local celebrities get the honor of joining an exclusive club at Daredevil Brewing Co.

“We have a T-shirt that we have anyone who has won a race, we have them sign [it],” Pearson said. "But you do have to have won an Indy race in order to sign that shirt.”

For more info on Daredevil Brewing Co., check out their website here or explore more photos and reviews on their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

While in Speedway, don’t forget to explore these much-loved businesses and attractions within just 3 blocks of Daredevil Brewing Company:

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