Noblesville West shooter to be sent to IDOC juvenile detention center until he’s 18

Police: 4 people shot after suspects opened fire into crowd at Anderson block party

ANDERSON, Ind.-- A teenager was shot in the chest and three others were wounded at an Anderson block party after investigators say someone opened fire into a crowd.

“We just heard like a pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,” said a witness.

Investigators say those bullets hit four people including a 19-year-old victim from who was shot in the chest. He was flown by medical helicopter to Indianapolis and is now in stable condition.

“The shots were so close by me so I took off running up Madison Street,” said a witness.

That witness said she was at the party around 2 a.m. on Sunday in the parking lot of the Davis’ Unique Salon on Madison Avenue when gunshots rang out. For safety reasons, she did not want to be identified but says she was standing just feet away from the teen who was shot in the chest. The witness said when the bullets started flying, people hit the ground to dodge the gunfire. She was scared for her life.

“I could have been easily grazed by the bullet but I ran,” she said.

Over in the alleyway, the witness says she spotted a man with a gun.

“I saw a guy he had a chopper which is like an AK or a big gun,” said the witness.

Police believe more than one person fired gunshots that night.

“We have a person of interest that has been named that we think is good for the shooting,” said Major Joel Sandefur of the Anderson Police Department.

Right now, investigators still working to track down the shooters to try and prevent retaliation. That investigators say they could stem from this shooting but to do that they need help from witnesses.

“That is always a challenge that we face. No one has seen anything knows anything but that is something we work with,” said Major Sandefur.

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