Carmel interim superintendent gives recommendation to rebuild 2 elementary schools

Carmel Elementary School

CARMEL, Ind.– Carmel Clay schools co-interim superintendent Roger McMichael delivered his recommendation Monday regarding the future of two elementary schools.

McMichael recommended the board build a new Carmel Elementary School at its current location and a new Orchard Park Elementary School at Clay Center Road to replace the existing one. The current Orchard Park location will still be utilized in some way, according to our partners at the IndyStar.

No students would be asked to make any moves for at least three years.

District leaders previously proposed closing either Carmel Elementary or Orchard Park Elementary. They say both schools are both due for major renovations that would come with big price tags, yet the number of elementary school students in the district is declining.

IndyStar reports the district already has nearly 300 fewer elementary students than its peak in 2011. A study shows the district is expected to have almost 900 fewer students by 2026.

Some parents organized to show their support for keeping the schools open. The district held several meetings in April and May to get public feedback.

A vote on the recommendation or any other option will come at a meeting on June 25.

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